Friday, January 11, 2013


 The first set of pictures is of our trip to Seymour Texas for Taylor's grandparents 50th anniversary!

4 generations 2
4 Generations of Blackwell's

4 generations

Kegan 11Keagan 12

                      What a cutie!!                                                    
Kegan 10
This set of pictures is from Christmas which we celebrated in Alpine this  year. 
Kegan 9Keagan 8  

Keagan 3
What are you looking at?
Keagan 5keagan 4
Keagan 6
Christmas morning fun!
Family pic
Stovell family picture
The last set is of the snow we got last week. It was the first snowfall that K had ever seen!

KeaganK & Brody
                                           Brody & K
Keagan 2Smiles!
Look at those front teeth!

Herford heifers!
Barn 206 Mare

The barn

Storage tankHouse
               Our house!

Hope ya'll enjoyed!!


  1. Wow! Ya'll did get a lot of snow!
    It looks like such a pretty camp, love it!
    And love all the pics of lil' K of course, he's getting soo big!!

  2. Love those pics of the 4 generations of Blackwell's!
    Love lil K playing in the snow, he is such a cutie pie!!