Friday, January 11, 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.......

*I'm so behind...

Christmas and the new year has come and gone and I haven't even blogged about it. But it's not entirely my fault. Between moving and not having Internet, I've been out of the blogging loop. But I'm back in now!! Woo Hoo!

I have all these wonderful pictures to share with you too, but I don't feel like searching for my cord to plug my camera in and download pictures... Sorry.

We have been in our new house for a little over 3 weeks now and boy have we don't a lot. We've painting the living room, the hallway, the kitchen and the trim in the dining room. We put up new back splash in the kitchen (which looks totally awesome!!) and I've almost got every box unpacked! Except for a couple of boxes with books in them that I don't know what to do with... I don't seem to have enough book shelf space. Oh! and the best part ever! I get my new living room furniture next week!! Yay!

Ok, enough excitement already, sheesh...

My little man turned 10 months old last week.. 2 more months and he will be a whole year old! Where has the time gone! He is crawling on his hands and knees now, getting around pretty good too. And he really likes pulling up on things, such as chairs and couches.. and my legs. It won't be long before he is walking and running and getting into all sorts of trouble. He loves being horseback with us, and throws a huge fit when it's time to get off. And he loves his dog, well his daddy's dog, Brody. He is eating more table food now and doesn't really want bottle any more. Only when he goes to bed and first thing in the morning. Just wait till you see some recent pictures of him :)

Lets see what else... Once a week my folks have been taking K and I've been going with T. Since he doesn't have but 40 sections to take care, he checks all his waters horseback. I like getting to go with him, its a nice little break but let me tell ya what... After not riding for at least a month, I was sure sore the first time!

Oh yeah! On February 23rd is the WRRA's first sanctioned rodeo, in Alpine! The team captain of the team I went to the finals with is helping to put it on. There's only one down side. I more or less got booted of that team. I don't really know what their problem was but it was all good with me! I probably would have quiet anyways, too much drama. The one gal on that team that I did like also got booted so we have put our own team together. We are so excited about it!

Well I better go, my child is throwing himself on the floor and making himself cry   -_-
I'll post pictures tomorrow!

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