Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm So Bored...

I know I posted TWO blogs yesterday... but I'm going to blog again. I'm just trying to catch up... gosh...

Anyways, I had a whole bunch of "before" pictures of our house to post but I can't find them. Boo. So I'll just post the "after" pictures... Here goes.


January 2013 004
The Kitchen

January 2013 005
The back splash used to white vinyl, or whatever is on the counters. It probably wasn't worth posting a picture of anyways.

January 2013 006
My stove

January 2013 007
It's hard to see, but the kitchen walls are a yellow with white trim. It used to be white that was dirty and nasty...

January 2013 008
This is the dining room

January 2013 009
The trim in here used to be midnight blue.... I think I like the red better.

January 2013 010

January 2013 011
Well hope ya'll enjoyed. I'm sure I will have more "before" and "after" pictures of the rest of the house..