Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm Depressed

And no it’s not from the pregnancy hormones. It’s from our government.

When I was a little kid I thought what a great country we live in, how lucky are we? For some reason I always thought living in other countries would be terrible because of the cost of living and what not. You wouldn’t think it but Australia is a very hard place to live in. But as the days keep going by and Obama is in the office I’m beginning to think living in another country wouldn’t be so bad.

Did you know that you can be exempt from the yearly fee of not having insurance, which in 2014 will be 95$ per adult and 47.50$ per child, if you can't find a plan that is lower than or equal to 8% of your monthly income?

Confused? Ok, T and I make roughly $2100 per month with us both working. 8% of that is 168$. So if I can't find a health insurance plan that costs 168$ or less, I wouldn't have to pay the yearly fee for not having insurance.

Right now, T and I are paying 20% of our monthly income for insurance. Now, tell me what you would do??

Basically, we have decided not to have insurance and save the 400$ we are paying right now in case of emergencies and we will be filling for exemption on our 2014 tax return. That is, unless we can find a health insurance plan for 168$ or less. Yeah right....

We will not be one of those low lying individuals who don’t have insurance and need medical help then not pay their bills. Who says I can’t put that 400$ in the bank every month and have it on hand for emergencies? It’s not like we visit the doctor that often anyways. I’m not saying something won’t happen but why not? Seriously?

Recently my brother broke his leg and had to have surgery and you think that insurance would cover it. Oh yes, but not until my parents had to pay the 7500$ deductible they have. They spend more money per month on insurance than I do! And that’s a lot! Oh and not to mention the $1800 co-pay they had because insurance only covers 70% of procedures. So in reality they ended up spending $9300 plus what his medications costs, because again, insurance only covers 70% of medical costs.

So is insurance really all that great? That’s the big mystery!

To me it’s becoming as ridiculous as vehicle insurance is, or dental and vision. Dental and vision insurance is a complete joke!

A while back my dad had to go in and have some cancerous skin removed from his neck and just out of curiosity he asked the doctor how much it cost to pay cash for it. All the doctor could tell him was that he had insurance so it didn’t matter. She couldn’t even tell him! They are so used to using insurance companies it’s sickening!

I also so on the news the other day of how self-pay clinics are becoming more and more popular. Hmm.. I wonder why?

I want to do right by my family and provide the best for them but it’s hard when the government is screwing things up and making it more and more harder too live in America, the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave. Well folks, it’s not free anymore. Obama really really wants to call martial law, I just know it, and there isn’t anyone brave enough to stand up to him.

I would really enjoy ya’lls inputs if you feel like it, I’m curious as to what other folks have to say…

So comment away!


P.S. I had a dream the other day, not a total dream but one of those I’m halfway conscious kinda dreams that we started a pray group and went to the capital and prayed around the white house. What would it hurt? It’s what they need…

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Beginnings

Before I even begin this blog post, I must warn you that there may be some very revealing things and if you don't want to read it, then don't.

Well, I don't know how many of you know but T and I are expecting our second baby. I'm 7 weeks 4 days today so I have a long ways to go... a long ways folks.

I was using FAM methods of birth control for a while and when we decided to try for number two I used those same methods and babam...

Unlike the first time, I didn't quite know if I was pregnant or not but peeing on a stick a few times quickly solved that mystery. We are very thrilled and are excited that everyone else is happy with it. With K man, it took some time to sink in for both my folks and T, but in the long run they can't get enough of him.

Here was the picture I used to show my folks

And T's folks

Ok, that being said, I started doing all the things necessary to get organized and have my first doctor appointment. I'm talking insurance mostly. I called my current insurance provider and explained my situation and they said "we don't cover maternity."

Well great, that's just great. Do you know what they told me to do??? Apply for Medicare.

Excellent, just exactly what I wanted to do. Ask the government for help. Umm... NO!

I remember a friend of mine saying something about wanting to use a midwife so I was curious and looked up midwives in West Texas. That's when I found the West Texas Midwife. Ha!

I picked over her website with a fine toothed comb and decided it might not hurt to give her a call and tell her about my situation. So I did, and.... she accepts self pay and in the long run, it would much cheaper than having a baby with my previous doctor without insurance. She also sounded like a really nice person which is important to me. She told me that she would give me a free consultation to help me decide if I wanted to use her or not. I had that consulation today.

After much prayer and consideration, T and I decided to go with the midwife. Now folks, she is a traveling midwife and this would mean that my next baby will be born in my home! How exciting is that!!

T was very skeptical at first but the idea is growing on him. I think it will be a much easier experience on the both of us.

She went over everything with me today of how things would work. Come to find out, she has so many clients in Alpine that I won't have to travel to Odessa except for the sonogram at 20 weeks. She will do everything in my home, blood pressure, weight gain, blood work, all that good jazz.

Now for the exciting part, I explained to her that with K and his big head, I tore something fierce down there and she told me a water birth would fix that. She told me that its more relaxing and not as painful so I'm thinking I will be going that route.

She gave me plenty of books to read and a list of nutrious things to be eating, if I can eat them at all... I'm pretty sure this one is a girl because so far it's been the total opposite of K man, and I've had morning sickness ALL DAY LONG every day.... But I haven't lost any weight.

We are very excited about all this and I'm really praying that everything goes well and that it will be the ultimate family bonding experience. I will be keeping ya'll updated as well!!!

I'm going to bed for now, before I pass out on the couch..... Night!