Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Isn't that a view? That would be this year's World Ag Expo in Tulare California.
We all made the trip and back in one piece... Thankfully!
That picture really doesn't do the show justice. It's twice that size! Can you see the parking in the upper right hand corner? It was like that ALL the way around the complex. It's actually an old air field, and it's a good thing because the entire thing was completely filled!
Our booth can't be seen in the picture, but it were just a little bigger, we would be in the bottom right corner.

A closer look at our booth. This was the first day of the show, the 2nd and 3rd days, it didn;t look anything like this! Haha! It changed everyday...


Uncle Bobby B! Haha.. I couldn't help myself.. It's really Uncle Bill.

Auntie S!

Before the show, we got to California a few days ahead so that we could recoup from driving and have a little fun. We initially had planned on going to see the big trees in the Sequoia national park, but we get half way up the mountain and they turn us around because we didn't have chains... the sad thing.. we knew we need them. It was a very quite drive back down the mountain.
So instead we went and played in the creek... Childish much?

However, that was a bad idea... We all ended up falling in... well, except for T. Lucky guy!
And... I ended up with poison ivy that I"m still getting over. Sheesh!
Well I have a whole lot more to blog about, but I'm too tired,,, Maybe tomorrow.