Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wishing things would Hurry Up!

Do I sound impatient? Because I am..

1. T applied for a job, (shuuuushhh though, keep it on the down low please,) and the guy wants to met with him, in a couple of weeks...
  • I want so badly to start packing my house, even though it's not for sure yet. I've already starting acquiring boxes, cleaning out closets, and throwing useless trash out.
  • On the other hand, I want to re-organize my house, but whats the point if there is a move in our future?
  • My mother said I'm nesting.. big time.
2. I want this baby shower to get here so that I can start decorating K's room!
  • So far, his room consists of a dresser, futon, and the saddle I won last year. Not very baby friendly if you ask me.
  • There are boxes, some empty and some full of my old baby books, toys, blankets etc, stacked against one wall and in the closet. Oh, and our hunting bows, my "hobby" items, and tubs of stuff my mother keeps giving me.
  • I have all these cute ideas that I want to do to decorate his room! But nothing to decorate with yet.
3. I want K to get here...!!
  • I'm nearly 32 weeks along, and not very big but my back and hips kill me all day long!
  • The last couple of days I've had some weird bug going on which hasn't been very fun, at all. The first day my stomach hurt all day long, as did my back. Then that night I got a bad headache and a fever. But the next day it was gone, except for my stomach hurting. I have no idea whats going on. 
  • I'm tired of not being able to bend over and pick things up like I used to. My husband thinks it's funny to put things on the floor nowadays... mostly my favorite snack or something I was fixing to grab. 
  • Oh yea, and I'm just excited to get to met him!
I did manage to clean out 2 closets that were full of junk however. T came home before I was finished and sorta kinda not really helped me finish. He found his banjo and got distracted, way to easily if I might add. The whole time I've known my husband, I have never heard him play the banjo before. It's always just sat there in the closet collecting dust. I don't know why he doesn't play more.

I guess I should stop "nesting" and start thinking about something to cook for supper.  Thanks for listening to my rambling about!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another Year Gone

2011 has come and gone, much to my disbelief. I thought it was a pretty good year over all. I know many people are probably already doing this, but I wanted to recap the past year month by month. So here we go!


This picture was taken in December, 2010 but I thought it was important for January mainly because my wonderful cowboy asked me to marry him. It was on New Year's Eve. I said yes of course and that started a journey that would have many ups and downs for the coming year. I also started my first semester at Sul Ross State University.

Engagement pictures! T's sister came down from New Mexico to take picture for us before she went on her wild adventure overseas. This was on of my favorite pictures that she took. February also was the beginning of making wedding plans, secretly.


This month marked the 2 year anniversary of the Stovell clan making their way to Texas. It seemed like those 2 years just flew by, with many trying moments as well as happy ones in between. Also this month, T was offered to move to a different part of the ranch he worked on, to a camp that was a little more secluded, and had a better house!

Senior pictures! Even though I graduated in December of 2010, I never got any senior pictures taken. So this month that was my goal, and we sure enough got it done. This month was a very trying one for me. After several weeks of bickering and arguing with my parents, a date was finally set for the wedding. And when I mean set, I mean my parents were ok with it. T and I had already had a date in mine ever since we got engaged.

Isn't this just an ere picture? To me it shows how terrifyingly beautiful God has made the world. This was the month of all the really bad fires that occurred down here in West Texas. This was the fire that was so close to the ranch. T and I also bought our first pick-up together this month!


Sadly, I don't have a picture for this month, mainly because it was such a busy, stressful month, planning for a wedding and what not. My mom quit her job at the bank so that she could help plan everything.

My cowboy and I tied the knot on July 22, 2011. It was such a small, family centered wedding out in the middle of no where really. Actually it was at the place where I work now, a small hunting lodge. Afterwards, we spent our honeymoon in San Antonio!
I love this picture, don't you? August was filled with many adjustments, such as moving into a new house, moving away from my family, and getting see my cowboy every day, instead of 2 or 3 days every two weeks!


This month we announced that we were expecting. At first, it was a hard decision to make, mostly because it was a shock to us at first, and to our families, but a blessing no less.

Cooter! My parents got T Cooter for his birthday, even though it wasn't until the next month. He is such a cutie in this picture! This month was a relatively slow one. Mostly because I was trying to coop with the fact that my belly was starting to grow.

This month T celebrated his first birthday as a married man. He turned 22. We spent Thanksgiving with my folks in Alpine and basically had a pretty laid back month!


The snow and baby bumps! I turned 19 this month, and we went to New Mexico to see my in-laws. It snowed and I loved it! Oh and the baby bump picture is me at 30 weeks!

That pretty much sums it up for the year 2011. It was an exciting year for me and everyone else I imagine, and this year will be even better! Happy New Years!!!