Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happenings of Texas

Get it?? Instead of Trappings of Texas!! Haha! I'm so clever....


Did ya'll know that the three weeks before a major farm and ranch show is like going to boot camp?? I did, but I forgot just how bad it is...

My poor folks, they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get ready for this show. It's the big one. The Big Tamale! In 13 days and counting we will set off on a two day journey to the land of nuts and fruits.. literally. Tulare California is our destination. Oh how I get a headache just thinking about it....

This show piratically means the year for my folks business.. I'm talking 3 months of sales combined here people!! Can you blame them for being stressed? My dad has had the "whale," (the big trailer) parked in front of the shop for a week now gradually filling it with stuff to sell. Heavy stuff too... My dad has to upgrade on his pickup just to pull the dang thing! Hence the name Whale.

Our caravan will include two, not one, but Two Dodge diesel mega cabs, filled with seven people: My dad (head sales representative), my mom, (Secretary), my brother (head of security), my husband (chief mechanic), my sister-in-law (chief photographer), my son (head of cuteness), and myself (CEO)

Isn't that cute? You see, we each have to have a name tag and this year they asked for a small description of us under our names... My mom got a little carried away I think. After all I don't think I should be CEO, but whatever!! The entire trip will be eight days long. Last year it was seven but we had to complain to the head sales rep to give us an extra to recoup from the 22 hour drive...

So really, it's a very stressful time before the show but once we get up there we have a lot of fun! I for one am excited about one particular item I'm going to sell....


For some reason I have become obsessed with headbands... So I'm making a bunch to sell in California! I just don't know how much to charge... any ideas??

Well in other news... I'm sure ya'll have heard about my brother. Wednesday he had an accident which resulted in the loss of part of his thumb...

Poor guy... He was in a lot of pain and had to drive himself to the hospital... by himself... in a standard.........

You should have seen the truck.. At first he had his hand hanging out the window but the wind on exposed bone really hurt. There was blood all done the side of the truck door too. Then he put is hand inside the truck and you know the little cubby thing above the door handle? Well it was filled with blood also... nasty!!

Today I helped him change his bandage and as he was unwrapping it he became a little emotional.... poor guy!! He misses his thumb!! At least was only a thumb...

Oh, You're probably wondering what happened? Well as he was tying up a horse, it set back and his hand was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ok, last story of the day. Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted long, beautiful hair. Well my hair hates me and won't grow.. So.... I got extensions!!!


 I've always wanted them and laugh at me if you want but they are awesome!! Ok, not really.. My scalp has been sore for the last week and they are already starting to fall out... I'm doing everything my hair lady told me to do though so I'm a little disappointed there. I don't know if I will get them reset or not.. I haven't decided.

Well I hope ya'll enjoyed my little post... I have one more thing I want to share but you have to keep it a secret... (You're probably wondering why I'm going to blog about it if it's supposed to be a secret...)
Anyways. For the 2013 year I think that all the blogs I write for this year I'm going to put together in a book. I've always wanted to write a book and I think this is the best way how. Of course I think I might start another blog and dedicate to the book. I want it to be about a ranch wife and what all happens on the ranch and stuff...

Ok bye now!!

Wait wait wait.... one more thing... those headbands I posted early in this post... When I get them all done I will take a picture and ya'll can be looking for a giveaway pretty soon....

Bye for real now!!!


  1. Wow! Yall are busy busy. Poor LJ makes me hurt to think about it. The trip will be so much fun and well worth the work. I think you hair is cute! But I thought your hair was cute as it was too. You have great hair. But it is fun to try new things. Cute headbands! And you write that there book. I will buy the first one.

    Love to all

  2. Wow, have fun in California... if that's possible. ;) I never want to visit that state... for some reason I relate it to weirdos, and trashy people. :P
    Your headbands are CUTE! I secretly wish I could rock one... :/

    OUCH! His finger looks like it hurts. I think I would have cried a couple times over that deal. Hope he heals up soon!

    I like the hair! Especially in curls, so pretty!! Bummer your hair won't grow out for you, though, I have the opposite reaction with mine... it's thick, and grows overnight.

    Love seeing new blog posts from you! Have a great week!

  3. Yep, I'll buy a book too! :)
    Poor LJ, hope he's doing better now.
    Man, I'm like Rachel... wish I could do a headband, but i look ridiculous!