Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not Doing Anything...

Well here it is Sunday and we are sitting in the house watching Lonesome Dove and eating junk food. We decided that we wouldn't go to church today, since we went to town yesterday to see some of my cousins. I know I know we're bad, but this is the first time we haven't been in a long time, not counting the week I had K.
Not a whole lot has been going on around here, T has just been working cattle a couple days of the week and I have been taking care of baby! I very handsome baby, by the way

K is 3 weeks old in this picture, although today he is almost 4 weeks. He is such a good little baby and it's fun getting to watch him as he is figuring his body out. He likes to stick is his tongue out and smack his lips together, especially when he is hungry :)

I'm pretty sure his eyes are going to be blue, no doubt. He has a light blue ring around the his pupils that has appeared, like his daddy's. Oh and he is sure starting to fill out, his little legs are much chubbier now. They were very thin but they are better now. 

He also likes to smile, and I'm pretty sure that if he could laugh he would. He loves to be propped up so he can see, what that is I don't know. He usually likes to look at bright objects, like out the windows during the day or the lights on the ceiling fan at night. He recognizes T and I's voices too. He is just a pretty amazing little fella and we love him very much.

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