Monday, March 19, 2012

Is it Just me?

Ok, so I am going to blog about something that seems to be very touchy around here, and I don't want to offend anyone but here goes.

I know that this is not a very good picture (I toke it with my iphone out of a magazine.) That is T and he is good buddy that used to work out here.
Anyways, looks like a pretty cool picture huh? You have the cows in background, a fire pit where dinner is being made, and a couple of cowboys eating it. All is fine and dandy right? Wrong. The food on their plates is, according to T, a death trap. No offense to the cook though. T says that its all cooked in grease, so much grease its not healthy for a man. Especially my man! Who, last year had to go to the doctor and get special pills that would stop his stomach from hurting all the time and allow him to eat. So greasy, that when mashed with a fork, the grease just pours of food; Meat, beans, and rice alike. The only thing that have grease in it is the tortillas.

So why am I all uptight about this? Because my husband comes home and can't eat what I have cooked him after a long day of working cows. Instead, he wants things that are easy on his stomach, like pudding for example.

There has to be an alternative to his problem right? Yes! I believe there is!
 Scenario one: "Honey, why don't you eat just the tortillas, and avoid the greasy stuff?" That doesn't work... He is too hungry come dinner time that he forces himself to eat it.
Scenario two: "Honey, why don't you let me cook you a BIG breakfast so you won't be hungry come dinner time? And a BIG supper when you get home?" No, that doesn't work either..... He can't eat a big breakfast, just can't make himself do it.
Scenario three: (And this one came from his mother,) Quote, "Why don't you make dinner at home and put it in your medicine bags on your saddle, so that you can eat while your on drive?" Oh no can't do that either. That's farmerish...

So what does one do? I have to say I don't really have much sympathy for T ( I really do though, deep down inside, otherwise I wouldn't keep coming up with scenarios..) His only solution, however, is to move..Ok then...

In other news, My little K man will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! I can't believe it! I went to the doctor today with him for a check up and my doctor gave us this...

Cute huh? While I was in labor and pushing, my doc kept singing "take me out to the ball game"

Well I'm off to bed now, and to tend to a sickly husband. Night!


  1. I can't say that I have much sympathy either, if he's gonna be so hard headed about all the different scenarios that have been given to him! I don't think I'd waste time making him a good supper either. If he wants something easy, then I believe salad would suffice. Ha! And he wouldn't be starving if he'd eat something besides zingers for breakfast.
    Men! They never listen. ;)

    Love Little K's sticker, too cute!!!

  2. I am sorry he is so stubborn. He comes by it honestly.:) I guess he would rather have a bleeding ulcer then pack a lunch. I don't think he will enjoy that ulcer very much. Men make no sense.

    Give Little K a hug and a kiss, we miss that little fella.


  3. Well, thats no bueno for poor ole T. Men like to complain.... yet our opinion doesn't always make any sense to them. It's a pitty, since we are SO smart and all. ;P Sure hope it all works out.

    Love that sticker, that's as cute as can be!
    Love that he cares about his patients so much, that says a lot for a good doctor!