Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Indeed, it rained at our house. Not just a little shower like the weather forecast said, but a heavy, cats and dogs downpour.

This is the aftermath

Look at the water!

It was running down the road like you wouldn't believe!

We were so glad for the rain! My poor garden though... Saturday my mom came out and helped me plant things in the yard/garden. Since I can't get grass to grow on one side of the yard, I decided to plant a garden! It was pretty much flooded though, I'm not sure what will survive but that's ok, we needed the rain!

Thank you Lord!


  1. Yes! That's great, glad to know it's trying to rain in this part of the world, too!!
    Yesterday it showered to the north, and oh the breeze smelled SO good!!!
    Praise God!!!

  2. What blessing! I bet everything greens up and will look wonderful. Give that baby a hug and a kiss.