Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday

As many of you probably already know, we made the trip north to Pampa to see T's grandparents for Easter. It was a fun filled weekend well spent with family. The green grass there was unbelievable, and so totally not fair! Sadly, neither T nor I wanted to really leave. Does that sound bad?

I had my sil take some family pictures for us. Our first family picture! Yay! T asked me, "will the pictures ever stop?" Ha, silly T! He should have known better, they are just getting started!

Mommy's Little Bunny was sound asleep after a great church service and a picnic in the park.

While we were there, T and his dad decided that they needed to do a little target practice. They set up a can full of sand and commenced to shooting at it. Now, the wind was blowing and it seemed they were having a hard time. So....
I had to go out there and show them how it's done. I don't want to brag or anything, but I haven't shot a gun since I first found out I was pregnant almost a year ago and I went out there and hit the can with the first shot! I would have made my daddy proud!!

 We also did some fishing. Or the boys did. T loves to fish and was more excited about that than anything I think. T's little brother caught this catfish.   

I just love this picture. It could be on a horse calender.

What are you looking at?

On our long trip home Sunday, K and I decided that we were going to get sick. This was totally an involuntary thing, just so you know. I don't mind being sick but I feel bad for little K. He is so stuffed up and had a hard time sleeping last night, but I think he are getting over it. Now it's T's turn...
Ok well I'm off to start laundry and start getting ready for our next trip: Horse sale in Roswell Friday and Saturday. I hope we feel better by then... Bye!


  1. Well, love the pictures!
    Glad y'all got a break to go! Bummer you came home sick, uck! Hope everyone is better soon!

  2. That horse picture is awesome! Good job. Sorry yall come home puny. J and N are both battling it as well. Hope you and little K. are on the road to recovery. Looking forward to seeing yall this weekend.