Friday, September 30, 2011

I hate waiting

Not like waiting for a surprise or a birthday, but waiting for my husband to get home.

This morning didn't start out the best. I woke up to the sound of a 4-wheeler being ridden rather extremely and then slamming doors and stomping boots. I soon found out that T's horse escaped the pens and he was out looking for him, at 5:30 in dark in less. Well he didn't find him, instead he gathered a colt, who, if I might add, hasn't been ridden in three weeks, and took off ramming and jamming to the north ranch.

I went to town today. I had to get away for a bit and take the dog to the vet for boosters. While I was there I hung out with my dad and it was nice, getting to visit and stuff. Visited with my mom too at her new job. Oh and my grandmother but she was having bridge club so I didn't stay long. Also saw my brother and his friends who had just gotten back from working at the 06 for the day.

Anyways, I'm losing track of myself here. T told me before I left to bring him a treat from town. So, I brought pizza and his favorite candy to.. an empty house. No T, no truck, no horse or saddle. It was 6:30. So, I get the dog and go for a walk, to ease my waiting. 7:30, still no T. Ok, this has happened before, it's normal you could say. I eat some pizza, since it's getting cold and take a shower. 8:00, no T. My favorite show is on tonight so I sit and start watching, saying I'll wait till 9, then I'm going looking. Oh and if you didn't know, I have been calling since 4 this afternoon and not getting an answer. Only adds to my anxious waiting. Then, Finally at 8:15 I get a phone call, but it's not T. Oh great!! Let me share what was going through my mind. (Oh no, it is T's boss calling. Either he is asking to talk to T or he is telling me something is wrong. I knew riding that fresh colt was a bad idea!!!) All his boss told me was that he will be home in an hour and half. What??? What kind of an operation are you running here pal? That's ridiculous! Or is it just me? Not seconds later, the phone rings again, this time it is T. Thank goodness. I don't know whether to be happy or angry, not angry probably, bad idea.

So, I'm still watching my show, waiting for my husband to get home. Oh did I mention that I hate Waiting!!! Sorry, but I can't help the raging hormones...

Well, ya'll have a great night, I'll just be here, waiting.

Oh, real quick. My aunt had surgery and her pelvis that was broken in three places and is recovering from that, but from what my parents tell me, she may not be able to walk for a really long time, possibly ever. Her ribs are healing ok though I think, but she also tore something in her shoulder. She is pretty banged up and is still in Colo. Springs.


  1. Oh, I can't stand it when the hubby doesn't answer the phone, and it's getting late... I pray, and pray. And breathe a sigh of relief when the call comes... and have to tell myself to not get upset, it's just part of life out here, and he usually doesn't have service wherever he is.

    Will continue praying for your Aunt.

  2. Welcome to the life of a cowboy's wife. :) I could have totally written this post! I hate waiting too, and I always imagine the worse when he doesn't answer his phone. And it seems like the longer you wait, the worse the scenarios build in your mind!
    Hang in there... Fall works will.not.last.forever. ;) You need to check out Pinterest. There are all kinds of fun DIY projects, or just fun things to look at. You might find some fun projects to work on. I have a ton of things I want to do, but haven't found time yet.

    Will be praying for fast and FULL recovery for Marilyn.

  3. Oh, and if it makes ya feel any better- At least T's boss had the courtesy to call... as ridiculous as it is to be working that late, geez, its DARK! But what do we know?
    J's boss wouldn't have called or given a rip that it was late, and I was home worried. I doubt J would have eaten lunch either. Eating is overrated on this outfit!

  4. I have waited so much I have almost gotten used to it. Yes it is hard, yes our imaginations go wild, yes this job can be dangerous at times. And being alone and waiting is even harder. Just remember Fall works will pass. Make the best of the times yall have together. And a good thing for a cowboys wife to remember is this...most of the things we worry about never happen.
    Love ya!