Thursday, September 1, 2011

I just had to share!

I think my husband is a little kid still deep down inside. I really do! He wanted me to give him a hair cut yesterday and while I was inside searching for a mirror he thought he would start cutting his hair himself. Well, just like a little kid, he did this....

Now his whole head looks like that and all I've heard from him the last 24 hours is how cold his head is. THEN! On top of that he told everyone he works with that I did it!! Not true!!!

What am I going to do with him. Ssshhh don't tell him I put this on here though... But I just had to share!

On a different note, Spur helped me gather the horses this morning.

I don't know if he really enjoyed it but it was good for him. He is still scared of the horses but hopefully not for long!

Ya'll have a blessed weekend!!


  1. Oh, those hubby's! LOL!!
    D tells everyone I got on the war path and scalped him! ;)
    Silly boys!

  2. hahahaha I can't stop laughing. That is so something he would do! Well, its just hair, it'll grow back.

  3. I needed a laugh today and that did it! What a nerd. And I am glad you shared the picture. Too funny!