Friday, September 16, 2011

Cleaning Frenzy

Yes that's right, I went on a cleaning frenzy yesterday! I don't know how or why it happened but it was proabably a good thing. After I got home from working I just went crazy! My bathroom, bedroom, and the kitchen are all clean. Of course, I didn't get one room picked up, the living room. Maybe next time!

Anyways, is it weird to say that I love my bed? I do I love my bed! Growing up I always had lots of pillows on my bed and, if you can't tell, there are a lot of pillows on my bed! I just love the quilt that my new mother-in-law made for T and I as a wedding present! And some friends of mine made the pillow cases with the horses on them as a wedding present also, they go good with the quilt!

 I also love my kitchen! You can't judge me though, because of my horses on the tops of the shelves! My mother always had cool dishes that she would put on top of her shelves, but I don't have a whole lot of nice dishes. So... I had a box of my horses that I thought would work and they did!

If you hadn't noticed, I am in a very good mood today. Mostly because we got a lot of rain yesterday and this morning we woke up and it was foggy out! Foggy!!! Makes me wonder where the snow is! Plus, the cooler temperature makes me feel better. Being raised in the the cold, I'm not to used to all the heat that we have had this summer!

Well I have to start picking up the living and packing! We may be making a quick trip up the New Mexico, if T says we can! Yay! Ya'll have a great weekend!

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