Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wedding Gifts & New Pickups

Well, how's a title like that for a blog? It has a lot of meaning to it, because yesterday.... well let's just say T and I shouldn't be aloud to go to town together anymore.

We decided that we would have a day to ourselves before he started works. He said he wanted to take me to Odessa and do some shopping, since he won't have a day off for a long time.. But anyways the day started somewhat early, getting there about 10:30. First he toke me to Hobby Lobby to get some things for the reception that my mom and I are trying plan. Then he made me go to Red Lobster with him, even though I can't stand sea food. But I toughed it out for him.

Next we decided that we would go to Target and do some last minute registering. T was a good sport about it and in no time we were done. After Target, T saw a store across the way that had rustic western furniture in and with some hesitation, we went in. About half and hour later we walked out with this....

It's a pretty nice little bed, and it didn't cost very much. Surprisingly. We also made a deal with the lady and got two night stands as well. T said that it is an early wedding present to me. Isn't he so sweet!

I think they are quite cute and make T's bedroom look a lot fuller!

But that's not even the highlight of the trip. After a SAM's run we decided we would go check out a truck we had been scouting out at the Dodge house in Odessa. Well when we got there, there was a couple signing on the truck we wanted to look at and they shortly drove off with it. A salesman there soon had us looking a truck, then test driving it, then sitting at the Dodge house for 5 hours, then driving off the lot with this....

 That is a 2008 Dodge Ram, it has 46,000 miles on it and runs pretty dang nice.

T left his truck there and Monday I have to take mine to Odessa to finish the trade off.  It's a pretty nice truck, but now that we only have one it may be a little difficult, until we are married at least.


  1. Oh I LOOOOOVE the bed!!!!!! So pretty! The pickup is nice too! ;) I can't believe what a good deal ya'll got.. J and I tried to get one a few years ago, and well, it was a hopeless cause for us. ;)

    Anyway, I hate seafood too and J is like T. LOVES it. I always get the cajun chicken alfredo when we go, that is pretty good!

    Sounds like a fun, event filled day!

  2. Awesome furniture! Nice and rustic, reminds me of some pandora jewellery I was given - its new but looks nice and weathered :) It's a great look!

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