Friday, May 13, 2011


 This is the Schwartz fire at Red Mill
 The Iron Mountain fire seen from the Mitchell camp turn off
 The fire at the road 25 miles from Marathon
 This guy's truck got sprayed with fire retardant
 There was literally a "fire tornado," that rolled acorss the highway and caught the other side on fire. This picture is of the tornado forming.

 The sun was completly blocked most of the time by the smoke

 The water helicopter
 The plane spraying fire retardant
 There is a guy in the middle of that setting back burns, crazy dude!

This monster could be seen on the Longfellow road on the way to Ft. Chadbourne and West Pyle. It looks like it was at least 15 miles away and maybe a mile wide. I don't know what was on fire but it was big! T thought maybe it was a gas line or oil rig or something on fire because every now and then it was belch black smoke.


  1. Oh my goodness, girl. Hope you guys stay safe.
    Fires are plumb scary. Praying for rain. It's needed in lots of places, very bad now.

  2. Hi Jaelyn, Here in California we're no strangers to fire. You stay safe! Our prayers are with you....