Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Pictures & Ranch Rodeos

I told you I would post more pictures :) The mother's finally got their pictures so now I can share.

He sure does love his stuffed horse :)

What are you looking at?

What a silly little guy! He loves smiling at his momma!

You may think I'm silly for taking a picture like this, but I kinda like it!

In other news, T was entered into the Big Bend Cowboy Church Ranch Rodeo last night! Ha, the BBCCRR! How about that?

Sorry I'm being silly. The rodeo was good, there were a lot of people there and about 12 teams where entered I believed. T was on 2 teams. The first, the Dream Team, consisted of T, my brother, and 2 of my brothers friends. The second team, The Hilltop Cattle, was a sponsored so T didn't have to make 2 entry fee payments!

This was not a typical ranch rodeo however, the events were different, mainly due to the fact that there are hardly any cattle around Alpine. The first event, Trailer loading was probably the only original event. It was mostly uneventful though.

The second event, the branding was very different. Usually you have an arena full of cows and calves but we didn't have that luxury. Instead one steer was released into the arena and the team had to head/heel it and brand it's left hip. I didn't get to see this event, and it was probably a good thing. Apparently, T's horse, Curly, turned to sharp tracking the steer and stepped on his own feet, tripped, and went down. Luckily T or the horse wasn't hurt...

The third event, the cowboy relay race, should be outlawed if you ask me. For this event, 2 teams went at the same time. 2 teams members had to saddle their horses one at a time, then race down to the other end of the arena, pick up a team member was standing on a barrel, ride double and race back to the finish line. The Dream team was by far the most interesting team to go. First my brother saddled his horse and raced down to pick up his team member and raced back without a problem. Then T did the same, except the team member he picked up is quiet mischievous and on the way back to the finish line, decided that he would smack T's horse with his hat. Oh it was not good. Sure it made the crowd cheer, but I was slightly upset. Curly, started pitching in the middle of the arena. The kid who started the whole mess, (we will call him J for now) was trying to push T off the horse. T was having a hard enough time trying to stay on his horse... Curly then ran, or more like bucked, into my brothers horse, who was still mounted double. She didn't do anything thankfully, but the kid J was leaning so far to the side that he smacked his upper body against the horses rump, sending him flying, feet up in the air, and eventually crash landing on the ground. But that wasn't the end! Curly kept bucking, turning to run along side the bucking shoots where T was able to jump to the fence. I could have strangled the kid J...

The last event, the mugging was uneventful.. The Dream team didn't get a time, but the Hilltop Cattle team did.

T's folks came down to watch the rodeo and afterwards his mother told me, "I worried and worried about T getting hurt riding broncs, but he has gotten hurt more in this rodeo than he ever did riding a bronc!"

That's a ranch rodeo for ya!

Ya'll have a great Sunday!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad I got to hold that sweet boy, he is so handsome!! Love the pictures, too cute!

    Yes, when T feel, shew, that was a bit scary. Glad he was okay, and then the pitching, wowza, it was a good rodeo though!!!

  2. Geez...sounds a little eventful!
    K is getting so big~he really reminds me of his cousin Q!

  3. I'm bummed we missed all the excitement! ;)

    Loved the pictures!!! So cute! The first one I see T all over him, but the next one I see you!!!
    I want to pinch those chubby cheeks!