Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - A Week Late

I know I know Mother's Day was last week but... I'm just running behind!

Not a very good picture I know, but K was not cooperating and his daddy wasn't very thrilled about taking pictures...

 Looks like something out of a movie huh? That is my aunt's new house. She let us stay with them when we went to the Western Heritage in Abilene over the weekend. Thank goodness too because there were absolutely no hotel rooms left.

Is it wrong of me to play "dress-up," with K? My mother told so... I just wanted a cute picture to give for Mother's Day and this is the idea I had. All he is wearing is a wild rag... gosh..

But anyways

K tried to fly on Monday night. I was sitting on the stool in our kitchen and had him sitting on the counter in front of me as I was looking up a recipe for supper.. I stepped away for like 2 seconds and heard a loud thump, followed with a blood curdling scream... I don't know how the little turkey did it, but somehow he managed to get himself off the counter and land flat on his back on the tile floor below. Us being new parents we rushed him to the ER in Alpine where they said he was fine. I don't want to give many more details about the whole ordeal... it was really hard on me. He is still a little sore but he is still that happy smiling baby he's always been.

I have more pictures of K to post but I want to wait until T and I's mothers get their pictures :)


  1. Goodness, I can imagine that was hard on you! I was dropped plenty of times as baby, I turned out alright. Depending on who you ask ;) Beautiful house too!!!

  2. Sounds like fun!

    Poor K, glad he is alright, though!!!

    I had a card for you for mother's day, but you weren't at church... so. Hope you enjoyed it!


    1. Sorry we weren't at church, stayed home with the in-laws :) You didn't need to get me a card! You are so sweet :)

    2. Well, I had it the weekend of mother's day, but, and I have actually been packing it around.... should've given it to you Saturday night, my thinker is off at times, I think. ;)

      I figured that's where y'all were today, glad they got to come down!