Sunday, October 23, 2011

This is what I did yesterday....

No, I wasn't playing Indians & Outlaws, I was participating in the 20th Annual Freestyle Reining!

My song was "Big Iron" by Marty Robbins. I was the ranger in the song, and my friend was the outlaw! Oh and my horse played my trusty steed! She wasn't to happy about the mustache but she performed great for me! 

It was a lot of fun getting to see all the different themes and costumes, however some people come up with the crazies things to do! :)

Since I won the saddle last year, I couldn't compete for it again this year. I could compete for reserve champ though which in my opinion is better than champion, And.. I  was really hoping to win it. I'll get to that later though. Well, Petie and I placed 2nd in our age group which was the Senior group (My last year to compete as a 4-H member, next year I will be in the adult group.) I won a really cool breast collar which will look good on my saddle :) At first I was half way nervous about winning reserve since I only placed 2nd, but I shouldn't of been. (just for the record, I'm not the kind of person that thinks they are better than everyone else, I only wanted to win reserve champ for one reason, which I'm getting to) Enough babbling! After much anticipation, Champ, and reserve champ were finally awarded, and sure enough, I won reserve. I was thrilled! Now, for the big prize that I had been hoping to win? It was this....

A piece of paper your wondering? Well, it's not just a piece of paper, it's a certificate for a Custom made hat from Spradley Hats (They spelled Spradley wrong on the certificate haha!) Now I didn't want this for myself, I wanted it for my husband. He has always wanted a Spradley hat and I was going to get him one for his birthday, but this way he can actually have the hat for his birthday! :) Yay! He is very excited about it to!

Well anyways, T and I are enjoying a lazy Sunday, so ya'll have a great one too!


  1. Aww I am so glad you did do well, and you look adorable too boot.

    How sweet you are!!! He will love it, he has never had a nice hat and has always wanted one.

    Glad yall are resting.

    Miss yall

  2. Looks like fun!! :)

    T will love a hat from Spradley, I know D loves his!! :)

    Hope y'all have a great week!

  3. Aww! J wants one too, maybe one of these days. I bet T was so tickled... and your such a good wife! :)