Friday, April 15, 2011

Yesterday I was able to go to the ranch and have some time to myself. The wind was blowing as usual but it wasn't too bad so I thought I would work in the yard. A couple of weeks ago T brought a couple of old flower boxes made out of barn wood to the house. They are now sitting in the pouch with various vegetables planted in them.

The one box is falling apart so T had to nail a brace on it. I think they look quite neat and I was proud of myself for planting them! Actually, I didn't plant them, I didn't get to! I had made up the dirt and was fixing to plant when T came home took the job over! I think he is a farmer at heart!

We also worked in the back yard where a garden used to be.

Don't laugh at the chicken, it was there before we got there. My mother has claimed it though so it shall soon be in her backyard. After we tilled it up, T made an extra effort to plant His row of corn.

I think it might be a good idea to put a border of some sort around our little garden to separate it from the yard. I was kinda of thinking something like this..

That's a little flower bed that's in the making. I like the rock border and it might look good in the back.

I also took some pictures of the inside of the house, just for ya'll's viewing.

The lovely couch that T bought us at the auction a couple of weeks ago. It doesn't look very pretty but it quite comfortable.

The dining table that he bought.

Ya'll have a great weekend!


  1. I love it all! Taylor loves a pretty yard, and yes he does have farmer genes,,half of his DNA.It will look so pretty when you get flowers planted and such. The couch isn't so bad. And I love love love the table!!!


  2. It looks so cute!!! I can't wait seeing it in person!!! It is going to look so pretty with the flowers and everything!

  3. This is great... really, Jenn and I were just chatting on fb about you guys and a garden, and then here it is... lol!

    It looks good! I like the boxes on the porch, gonna look great when it's all done, and things are growing good!! :)

  4. Everything is coming along so nice!!!! The couch isn't bad! John and I had a ugly and UNCOMFORTABLE one when we first got married. ;) So at least its comfy.