Tuesday, April 12, 2011

July 22

If things were going the way they are supposed to, then I would be in the middle of planning a wedding.

Things are not going the way I wish they would but that's ok. I feel like T and I owe people an explanation as to why there will be no wedding on July 22 of this year.

I love my parents very much. So many emotions have been running around our house and just recently they have left because I "gave in," so to speak. I'm not a rebellious child, or at least I don't think I am. My parents are not comfortable in planning a wedding this soon in T and I's engagement. They simply won't have it because they are fixing to move and my dad is trying to keep his business running good. They would rather do it next year, a wedding that is. So then is right of me to say that that's not really fair? They also think that T and I are being selfish in not "considering," others and their plans when all we have done is picked a date. We are going to respect their wishes. I will say again that I love my parents to death but they have encouraged an almost rebellious decision to be made. As of right now, T and I are getting married on July, 22 of this year. We had permission from our parents to get married by a JP whenever we wanted so that's what we are going to do. I have decided that I don't want a wedding anymore and it is not a selfish decision and it's really what I want to do. Part of my parents compromise was if we decided to get married by a JP that they would do a wedding for us anyways for an anniverseary or do the wedding when they wanted to, but in truth I don't know if I want to do that. T and I will already be married, but if they really want to do that then they are going to have to plan it. That's fine with me.

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by not having a wedding but there can still be one, just not anytime soon.

So, on a brighter note, T and are I getting married!!! July 22 if you didn't already know! We are going to go to San Antonio for a week and have a great time!!


  1. We are still just as happy and excited for ya'll! And ya'll will have so much fun in San Antonio! (John and I are jealous!) ;) We had a wedding.. but not much of a honeymoon. But that was our choice to get married right in the middle of cow works..LOL!
    Anyway, you can still get you a pretty dress and get someone to take pictures I bet! John's folks' got married by a JP, and have been married 30 something years. So you'll be just as married!
    And to be honest, the honeymoon will be what you remember best anyway! :)

  2. Well, we too are just as happy for y'all!!
    San Antonio will be fun, we are going for D's neices graduation in June... hoping it isn't too blasted hot! ;)

    My mom and dad got married by a JP and they have been happily married for 25 yrs, the 22nd of this month. :) It's no matter, all y'all want out of the deal is married, and that'll do it. ;)

    Oh.. and that day, July 22, happens to be Mr. A's b-day... the big 2! :)

  3. Happy for both of you and NO you are certainly not being selfish....this day is all about you and Taylor and no one else. When your parents gave their blessing to you and Taylor to wed, they put the bridle reins in your hands and from that point forward it should be your decision to set a date that suits the both of you. I will pray that your folks will see how much you mean to them and what an honor it would be to be part of such a special day. You are not being rebellious just practical. Blessings to the both of you!