Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Woman's Place

I received a letter in the mail the other day from some friends of my grandparents with a poem inside that I really enjoyed so I thought I would share it.

A Woman's Place
"A woman's place is int he home." That always has made sense.
They're just not built for riding broncs, nor fixin' barbwire fence.
The "woman's place" is well-defined throughout the cowboy West,
Besides, it's our tradition. Our old ways have stood time's test.
There's lots of thing that women do way better than a man.
They're a whiz at washing diapers, or with a frying pan.
Those ladies are a comfort when a man ain't feelin' prime.
So, for cookin' or for lookin', give me a woman every time.
I've always advocated the old values of the West.
I believe, just like gospel, that the old-time rules is best.

A few years back I put things off, like I'm inclined to do.
When branding time come rolling 'round - I didn't have a crew.
And this girl, I'll call her "Laurie," said she'd agree to lend a hand.
I thought she meant her husband! See, I didn't understand
That she meant her, you savvy now that I was in a bind.
I didn't want to break her heart. I couldn't be unkind.
She said she had these horses that needed lotsa miles.
I said we'd start at daylight. She says, "Great, And thanks," and smiles.

'Bout three o'clock next morning, while I'm still snoring hard,
I starts, and hear a creeping gooseneck ease into the yard.
We invites her in for breakfast, but she's already ate.
It's an hour and half to daybreak 'n I'm already late.
The crew shows up, but she's the one who gives me an assist
When Old Ranger trys to buck me off. She gathers cows I missed!
While I gees and haws Old Ranger, her horse rolls o'er his hocks.
She cuts us cowboys seven ways, 'n does it orthodox.
There ain't nothin' that that girl can't do! I'm feelin' like a dope.
At last in desperation, I says, "Laurie, wanta rope?"
She keeps six rasslers busy. We're all abustin' gut.
She even finds a branded bull that I forgot to cut.
For four long days she shows us how a real hand operates.
She rassles and gives shots and brands. She even "casterates!"
When we gets done I offer up to ride, to pay her back.
In the nicest way that she knows how, she lets me know: I lack
Some basic skills I never learned. My horses ain't the best.
They got more help than they can use. I prob'ly need a rest.
"A woman's place is in the home," to me don't seem so strange,
Because I finally figured Laurie's "Home (is) On The Range."

-Wallace McRae

I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I did!

One more thing before I go, our trip to Stephenville was a blast. We had lots of fun and the horse show went great!  I'm not sure how I placed but out of 25 riders I placed in the single digits in every class. Curly and I still have some work do before the next show. Hope ya'll have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh, I love it! At first I was thinking "Um, EXCUSE me" lol but I like the ending :)

  2. Thats pretty good. I too at first was thinking "NO way"... but it turns out good.

    Yay! for the horse show, I was wondering how you did.