Monday, March 7, 2011


I wish I had some pictures to put up.. I don't have a camara, just my phone so its hard to take good pictures when I want to.

Anyways now that thats said....

This past weekend we went to T's parents for his nephews birthday. It was a short trip, too short, but it was good to get away from here for a bit. It's that time of year when the wind start a howling at night, blowing dirt everywhere. I don't like the wind, it's annoying and it makes my ears ring. I can't ride in it and it gives the world a dull, plain look thats kind of sad. I didn't like the wind in Wyoming either. Ya'll think the wind blows here? Just go to Wyoming and you will think different; it blows about 100 miles an hour for days!

Anyways back to the trip. I know T enjoyed getting to see everybody but all I had to listen to on the drive home was how much he loved where he is living know. I guess his allergeries were bothering him. Boo hoo.

I was bored the other day and so I got to looking at some pictures from a long time ago. I thought I might share, since I don't have any new ones to put up!

This was the front porch of our house! Look at that snow!

In the daytime
Hank,before he got fat and after playing in the snow!
Mom, LJ and I feeding cattle!

Those are some winter pictures because I love the snow and its the one thing I miss most!

My Parents

Snowy in Laramie Wyoming

Can you guess who that is? My grandma absolutly loves this picture of me! I don't know why though.

That would be little LJ!

Someday I will have to add more but I'm being told to go to bed so good night ya'll!


  1. So glad yall got to come. Allergies....I know how he feels, sneezing for two days now.

    Loved seeing the pictures. All that snow, it is beautiful. Rather have that then the dust that is blowing right now..:)


  2. Hi, I named you for a "Stylish Blogger Award"