Friday, July 12, 2013

A Little History

So I know I haven't blogged in quite a while, and I apologize for that but hey, what can one say?

I've been working on a little project for grandfather and I thought I would share some of it with ya'll. It's pretty cool really! So here goes...

Direct Line of descendancy as copied from a file of Mary Jane Wood Easley:

General Solomon Wood,
  •  a soldier of the Revolution and a Captain under George Washington.
  • Born in Virginia, April 16th 1750:
  • Died in Georgia August 17, 1815.
  • Married Elizabeth Eason in 1780
Gen. Solomon Wood was the father of:

(In order)

Eason Wood - November 2, 1778
Nancy Wood - April, 1781
William Wood - August 7th, 1782
Mary Wood (Called Polly) - November 27th, 1785
Elizabeth Wood - January 16th, 1788
Green Wood - January 31st, 1792
Mark Red Wood - December 1st, 1794
White Wood - December 15th, 1796

Green Wood:
  • married Nancy Hall in 181, who died in 1813
  • married Evelina Alexander Barnes in 1822
Green Wood was the father of twelve children, the first born, Solomon Wood, died at 13. The next 5 children died in infancy.
Ella Wood
Elizabeth Green Wood
Willis B. Wood
Green Mark Wood
Campbell Wood - the author

Green Mark Wood:
  • Born 1813.
  • Died 1897 in Navasota Texas.
  • Married Mary Jane LeGrande in 1846
Green Mark Wood is the father of:
R. B. Wood
S. W. Wood (Solomon William)
R. C. Wood
Fannie Wood
Milton Le Grande Wood
George Scovell Wood
Clark Campbell Wood
Green Alexander Wood
Willie Le Grande Wood
two unnamed boys

Solomon William Wood:
  • Born January 26, 1849
  • Died October 5th, 1922
  • Married Martha C. Reed on June 18th, 1873
S. W. Wood was the father of:
Mary Jane Wood
(I think she was an only child)

Mary Jane Wood (Easley)
  • Born July 6th, 1874
  • Died October 24th, 1960
  • Married Charles Brigance Easley on December 29th, 1898
She was the mother of:
Robbie Mae Easley - October 6th, 1899
Edward Charles Easley - August 30th, 1901
Mattie Easley - January 15th, 1905
James Easley - January 13th, 1908
Anne Margradel Easley - April 17th, 1910
Mary Louise Easley - January 7th, 1913
Robert Chester Easley - March 28th, 1915

Mary Louise Easley:
  • Married Jack Stovell on May 28th, 1939.
  • Jack died of a heart attack in 1965
  • She passed in 2011
  • (She was my great grandmother)
Her children included:
John Robert (Bob) Stovell - March 4th, 1941
Carol Nan Stovell - October 16th, 1944
William Charles (Bill) Stovell - April 7th, 1946

Bob Stovell:
  • Married Kay Evans in Alpine on June 26th, 1959
  • They have 3 children:
    • John Robert II (John) - May 2nd, 1960
    • Joe Donald (Joe) - September 23rd, 1962
    • Stephanie Jan - July 31st, 1969
Joe Stovell:
  • Married Julie Ann Unrein on June 23rd, 1990
  • They have 2 children:
    • Jaelyn Rose  - December 7th, 1992
    • Joe Don II - September 5th, 1995
So what did ya'll think of that? It's kinda cool to think that my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather worked for George Washington! Technically the lineage is supposed to continue with my brother, but I might have to add my married name to the list :)

Ya'll have a great night and blessed weekend!!

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  1. I traced my family back to the massachusetts bay colony. I had some Easleys too! I wonder if we are related. Haha