Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Round' The Homestead

Would you believe me if I told you we owned a rabbit?

It's true.... some neighbors of my folks raise rabbits and they wanted to give K man one, so we are the proud owners of Bucky!

I have been busy, busy, busy today! Did I mention busy? I mowed the lawn today, all of it! and did some landscaping as you can see in the above picture. 

I really needed cleaning up and I guess I got a wild hair and decided to do it! Glad it's done too...

My sad little garden... I spent an entire afternoon weeding it and plucking all the dead plants out of it. I think most of it survived, but time will tell...

My chicken coop!! It is finally finished! I think T was more happy to see it finished than I was. I think it took about a month to complete... whew!

My chickens were sure happy to have more room to roam too.
My goats!

Some more landscaping :)
Well, not much else has been going on around here. Friday we leave for Abilene for the Western Heritage Classic. Saturday is the horse sale and T will be sporting his new official 06 ranch shirt! Haha, he's really riding for the brand now.
I guess I will talk to ya'll after this weekend! Adios!


  1. Sweet K, and what a cute bunny rabbit! I bet he likes that!

    Yay for yard work, looks great!
    Super YAY for the garden and chicken coop! :)

    Hope the weekend is a blast! I kinda sorta am bummed we aren't making it this year... but, baby bro graduates next weekend, so we better make that. There's always next year!

  2. Bucky.....I think that is priceless. Looking so good around there. Yall be safe and have fun.


  3. Love your landscaping!!! Especially the baskets in the tree! So pretty.
    The chicken coop looks good too.
    Wish we were coming to Abilene. :(

  4. We went to Abilene too, just Friday andSaturday, then came back Saturday evening. Love the rabbit! Cute landscaping!!