Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random things

Howdy ya'll, been a while hasn't it?

Lets see here, tomorrow morning brings the first day of the spring works here on the ole ranchero. Luckily, out here it will only last about 3 weeks, instead of 3 months... so it should be a breeze! But why do I have this tingling in my tummy about spending eight nights alone, just me and K man? Maybe it's this huge house that creaks like crazy at night, or the fact that we haven't lived here but four months... I guess I should stop being a big baby about it.

I've been told I could stay in town, but I will still be alone. Everyone is out of town this week and I would rather sleep in my own bed if I'm going to be alone anyways... I think a house full of kids would make it all better... Ok I'm done with that now.

Let's talk gardening shall we? I did my research and planned my garden at what I thought was a decent time of the year, but this crazy west texas weather has had two below freezing nights and lets just say my poor tomato plants have been replaced... with alive ones. Oh and not to mention my pepper plants, or, should I say T's pepper plants. Everything else seems to be doing great though! Oh, except my watermelon. They died last night I'm pretty sure. It rained on us pretty good and last night it decided to freeze, again. I tell ya, this weather is crazy! I am thankful for the rain though, it was much needed. Thank goodness my mom started a ton of watermelon plants in the house and she gave me some new little plants to replace the dead ones.

This year my hubby plowed me up a big spot for a garden, in the perfect area too! And we loaded it up!! Lots of corn and strawberries this year. Probably the most eaten around this house... I even planted some pumpkins! One year, my mom planted giant pumpkins and she took one to the county fair and placed 1st for her pumpkin being nearly 150 pounds!

I love watching things grow! I also planted some flowers and decorate grass around the house, since it's so bare. Can't wait till everything grows up!

Speaking of growing up, ya'll should little K man now! He looks like a little boy more than ever with his curly blond hair. Crazy kid, this afternoon I made cushion of pillows and blankets on the floor in the living room and he loved running to it and plopping down! Until he slipped and hit his head on the hardwood floor. It didn't deter him for long though, he was back at it in less than 2 minutes.

If I posted a picture of K on here, ya'll would think I abuse him. He has a bruise in the middle of his forehead where he fell off the porch; a bruise under his nose where he tried to stick a stick up his nostril; a scratch on his belly from another stick; a fat lip from falling on his face numerous times.. None of this seems to bother him though! He keeps doing the same things that get him hurt! Oh well, his a little boy, what did I expect? The bad thing is, if we had a little girl I could see her doing the same things.. (Oh is that the second mention of more kids? Oh I'm sorry.. Ahem Ahem..)

So by now ya'll probably know that I am involved with Advocare now and I'm on the 24 day challenge, and folks, let me tell ya! First of all, I don't have weight to loss, but so far I'm on day 6 and I've lost 5 pounds. That's not a huge number but to me its great! I've also noticed that my belly is flattening out.. hmmm.. I may try and sport a bikini sometime this year.. maybe...

Well, tomorrow I will try and get some pictures up to go with the post :)


  1. Well, boo on being home alone at night, that never really fun. You are welcome to come see us though, we have an extra room and bed, if ya wanted, I'm sure we could find something to do, and these boys could entertain that little K man!
    Yay on gardening! We got our dirt hauled in for the garden yesterday, so that's on the agenda for this week, course we have to get cross ties up around it, and then a fence of some sort to keep the horses out. It'll be good to get it all planted and going good. Going in to town for doc appt. tomorrow, and we'll be hitting up the plant nursery for sure!

    Bummer K is all bunged up, but you better get used to it, cause little boys are hard headed, and keep on keeping on with those knot headed things, and like you said, it wouldn't matter, the little girl would be right out there doing the same thing!

    Wow, 5 pounds! Goodness, sounds like it's going well for you!!

  2. K is at that age that he is just one big bruise.. I was always afraid people wpould turn me in too! And about the time one heals up, they do something and there is another one!
    I wish we were closer, I'd come hang out with ya! I mentioned to J that I should make a trip down there.. but you know how they are. ;) I am thinking about making a trip to Matador by myself on May 1st. They are having a 70 mile garage sale, that sounds like a blast! But T may be done by then, but I was thinking if there was some way to pick ya up, and we could go do that.. Not sure how that would work though. I feel for ya! I would hate having to be by myself for that long!

    Good job on your garden!! I have done absolutely nothing, other than I did plant some flowers in some window boxes. Just not sure what to do.. if it doesn't rain, not sure it will be worth trying to do a garden. Plus we need to rent a tiller, and such as that.

  3. Can't wait to see the pictures! Good deal on the garden...T loves to garden always has..shhh don't say I spilled the beans.

    Ahem....what weight are you going to lose??? You are a cute size just as you are.

    Have a blessed day!

    You and K can zoom down to Maw and Pappy's!!!