Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nothing like a White Christmas!

That's right, it has snowed as most of you probably already know. It didn't really snow that much down in West Texas, but this year T and I went to my in-laws for Christmas in New Mexico. And did it snow there!!

I love this picture! My sis-in-law took it for us.

It was snowing when we got to T's parents place in New Mexico.

I love Hereford bulls so I had to get a picture of one.

We also went sledding and had snowball fights.

Doesn't he look handsome! I thought so too! :)

T's dad made us both a pair of boots for Christmas. I love mine!

I also drew this picture for T's parents. That is a picture of his dad. I'm very proud of this piece, I tried some different techniques and I think they worked!

We had such a fun filled, busy Christmas and I had lots to tell, but I decided it would be better just to post pictures. I think people would rather look at pictures anyways. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Looks like a FUN time! Love the boots, and girl...you have a gift of drawing. That is gorgeous. I'm sure his folks were so happy/proud of that!!

  2. I heard it was fun, fun!!
    Love the boots, y'all are styling now! ;)

    And, your drawing turned out beautiful!!!

    Have a great rest of the week, girl!