Saturday, December 3, 2011

No Motivation!!

Nope, nada, none! No motivation whatsoever. This past week it has just up and left me and it's not a good thing! I have a house to clean, presents to wrap, a yard that really really needs picking up. Not to mention a truck that I've been wanting to clean for some time now because there is a "happily hitched," sign still painted on the back window. How sad right? Yes indeed, very sad. I have all these ideas and no motivation and it's driving me crazy! Maybe tomorrow I can get some things done, since I don't have to work and T will be around to help. I doubt it though, that has been my excuse for the past week.

I am very proud of myself this year. I have all of my Christmas shopping/crafting done for the season, save wrapping everything but that shouldn't take me very long. We also have our Christmas tree picked out, but we are waiting to cut it down. I don't want it to dry out this early on, although I'm excited about getting it up. Of course, it would help if I would take down my fall decorations, but no motivation is responsible for that. I haven't gotten my Christmas cards done yet though, still waiting on pictures.

In other news, I'm 26 weeks today! Doesn't that mean I'm in the 3rd trimester? Or at least really close to it! Little K has been kicking and kicking me like crazy, and seems to like the right side of my belly. It always bulges out more on that side.

Not a very good picture huh? I thought for sure I'd be bigger by now, but to me it looks the same! T says I've gotten bigger. I disagree... In my hips but not my belly.

Well, not much else has been happening around here. It's hunting season out here so work has picked up and T has been in a really good mood lately. Since he doesn't have to see certain people everyday. Tonight we are going over to eat with some of the other ranch hands and it will take us about two hours to get over there. So, I'm going to force myself to do something.. wish me luck.


  1. I have no motivation and I have no excuse. I did put up my christmas decor. Took all of five minutes. I will let Sara finish when she comes home.

    Cute baby there. Wait till month 8 then you will wish you were that size again!


  2. Lookin' good!! You do seem so tiny, though.