Friday, July 15, 2011

One Week to Date

It's hard to believe that I'm getting married in one week. You would think I'd be more excited, but honestly I'm to tired to be excited, so is T.

I think when it gets to be one day before the wedding then I'll get really excited.

This past week has been.... challenging.. lets just say that. It has been very busy with last minute errands to run and things to organize. The decorations for the wedding are all set, my dress is clean and everyone else's cloths are pressed, my hair, make-up, jewelery is all ready to go. Flowers are ordered and a cake is being made (although that's for the reception, since my mom is having to do most of that we took care of those things early.)

T is exasperated with work, but I don't blame him. They can't go a day without someone quiting, or something going wrong out there. I feel for him, poor guy. He keeps telling me, "I can't wait to go on vacation," Isn't that the truth.

It will be my last few days here at Hudson's for the most part, save coming in a couple of times a month to help her with taxes, filing, and organizing receipts. That's ok though, I won't miss reading books at work LOL!

My parents are still not 100% ok with me getting married, come to find out. Which only added to the stress. I'm not going into that though, for mine and their sake.

I'm supposed to start college in August but the thought just makes me cringe. Is that bad? My first semester at the local college here was not what I expected and I really dont' want to have to go through that again. I'm thinking on doing something different but until I know more, it's not for sure.

We Finally got the situation with our truck figured out, or at least I hope we did. Apparently they sent the registration for the truck to New Mexico!! Umm hello!!! We live in Texas thank you very much. It took my future in-laws, T and myself calling these crazy people to straighten it up. Geez, that's what they get paid to do right? You would think they would know what they are doing.....

Well I have more running around to do so I'll catch ya'll later..



  1. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!! To You Both and Many Wonderful Years !!!!!!!!! Happy For You.