Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hmm... What day is it??

I'm just being facetious.. you don't have to answer that

Of course I know what day it is.. Or at least I think I do. Today could really be my Monday. Lets just say there have been lots of blond moments. Enough said.

So I had this big long blog post that I was going to share about my trip to Stephenville but I didn't finish it and it just sat there, waiting for me to post. But it is way to late to post it. That was two weeks ago! Anyways, to make it short, I went to Stephenville to see my bestie friend from Colorado for the first time in two years and we got reended in her new little car and it was fiasco. No one was hurt which was good, but I was glad to get home after over 900 miles of driving. I love my friend but I think I'll just stay home next time.

Two weeks till the wedding and I can't stop counting the minutes. T's boss asked him if he was excited about getting married and he said, "Well it's like waiting for Christmas, the more you think about it the more pissed off you get.." So true haha!

Everything is coming together nicely, but why am I so stressed out? I'm more excited about the honeymoon.. That's probably just how it goes. I think what has made it worse is that the reception is two weeks after the wedding. I told my mother that she is in charge of that.. I'll be gone! Hehe!

My grandmother's siblings came to Alpine for the 4th of July weekend and threw T and I a wedding/bridal shower thingy ma bob. I don't know what it was really, but we opened their presents and what not. The only thing that made it a bridal shower was that my grandma got me this silky night gown and I opened it there in front of everyone. T turned a deep shade of red and my dad got mad. It was quite commecial really. I hadn't seen my aunt's and uncle's for a while so we had fun playing a game called smart ass. I'm not cursing I promise, it was really the name of the game and once you play it you realize why it's called such a name. Everybody was loud and laughing and it was fun, poor T thought didn't know what to think. Welcome to the family honey!

Don't know what else to say. I'm at work today and it's very boring. No one is coming in and I'm almost done with my second book. My boss has been on vacation since June 30, and won't be returning until the 15th, so I'm stuck at the store for two weeks. Joy!

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!


  1. It's gettin' close!!
    Seems like just the other day, you guys just got engaged, and it's already two weeks away! Wowzers!!!

    Hope the rest of the week goes better!

  2. I'm so happy y'all set the wedding date on my 17th birthday ;)

  3. Not much longer!!!

    This is probably going to sound crazy, because I would have thought so had someone told me this before I got married. But try to enjoy these last two weeks with your family. I never would have thought it, because I was so ready to get married. But its an adjustment, I mean it's wonderful and exciting to start a new life with your man. But as with everything, there is always an adjustment. And crazily enough, I found myself a little homesick at times those first few weeks. You don't go 'home' after dates, or after hanging out. Your home is his home, and its fun and amazing to finally be together. But like I said, it just takes some time to get used to having a new home, with a man. I think what got me the most was the quiet, I was so used to 6 loud people in a small house. Then going to just the two of us, it was weird for awhile.
    These last two weeks are the last you'll have living with your family, and being just their daughter/sister. In two weeks you'll be their daughter/sister AND T's wife.
    So all that to say, just enjoy this time. While looking forward to you and T's new life! Being married is awesome!

  4. hehe... I loved the comment about Christmas... I know the feeling, I got married last summer. But that comment (comparison) was super cute!