Friday, June 17, 2011


Yes, I am so glad it is Friday. Who doesn't enjoy Fridays? I know I do!

A lot has happened this week, and it all flew by while it was happening. Monday was a typical Monday for me. I went in early that morning to work to help get ready for our big grand opening Thursday night.

 It was only 9:00 when I got there but I was already sweating. We completley rearranged the patio and swept everything. While my boss my was finishing up moving the metal animals we have for sale around, she had me start spray painting the leaves on some giant metal palm trees that she bought. After painting a total of 12 leaves, I was feeling really good.

Tuesday I went to work again, this time to actually sell things. The store is usually closed on Monday so we can organize and price new inventory that we got over the weekend. Plus, my boss wasn't there so I was all my by lonesome. Luckily T was done working cattle early that day so I was able to talk to him. I was also able to mail out my invitations too. Finally. Tuesday was not a very happening day for me. For some reason I was feeling very melancholy, down in the dumps really. I felt like I was going to have a meltdown and couldn't explain why.

Wednesday was my day off so I thought I would spend the day packing and cleaning up my room, but that didn't happen. Tuesday night T gulited me into comeing to see him the next morning, since he had a day to check his waters. It was going to be a fast trip but I decided I would do it anyways. When I get to the house I feel disgusted. There is so much that I want to do with it, but I don't ever have time. It is terribly dusty, everything needs cleaned, the porch looks like a tornado went through it and the yard + my garden is slowly dying. So much to do!! I'm just going to have to wait till I move out there to fix it all.
I'm glad I got to ride around with T all morning, it always makes me feel better to visit with him. We talk about anything and everything! I know I've only known him for two years but he is my best friend. I feel very fortunate to have him in my life.
After lunch we say our goodbyes and I tell him that the next time I see him, I will be able to smile for real! :) Wednesday evening I ride up to Odessa with my mother, it was quite an interesting trip!

Thursday was a very busy day, very busy indeed. My mom and I got up early and did as much shopping as we could before my ortho appointment at ten. We are not crazy impulse shoppers, but that day we were. We accomplished quite a lot in the way of decorations for the wedding/reception. Didnt' even blow our budget! My dad was proud. My ortho appt didn't take long really, they had my braces off in about five minutes and toke pictures and impressions and I was out of there. I had to go back though after lunch to get my temporary retainers. I'm so excited that my braces are finally off!! You have no idea. Just in time for the wedding to!


After we finished our shopping, we had to rush home so that I could be at work for our grand opening. I was so tired and there was too many people getting a little to tipsy that I had to leave after about two hours. Apparently I missed all the drama after I left. It's funny how people in their 50's and 60's can get drunk off of a couple glasses of wine. Now you know why I left.

Today I'm just at work today, and no one is coming in. Even though it is Fiesta Del Sol here in Alpine, America.

Today is my mom's last day of work at the bank. She has decided that she wants to help my dad with the family business and help my with the wedding. So the girls at the bank threw her a going away party and they got her this cake. The lady that made this cake is the one who is doing my wedding cake so I was able to get a taste of it and boy was it good. Oh, and everything except the butterfly is edible on that cake!


  1. Whoo Hoo on the braces!

    Sounds like you have been busy busy. That cake is beautiful, bet your wedding cake will be great.

    Got the invite this morning and they are so pretty, yall did a great job.

    I have always thought that being "best friends" is one of the most important things in a relationship with your spouse. I know that B is truly my best friend and that is a treasure for sure.

    This is M, still having to use Sara's computer I don't think I will ever see mine again...:(


  2. Yay for no more braces, looks great! I can't imagine they where all that fun to have... :/ but now you have a reeeally pretty smile.

    Yes, being best friends is great, thats what I think counts so much as well! Helps you talk things through, understand each other thoughts and feelings... yeah, stuff like that. :)

    So, where is Hudson's at in Alpine, being thats one place you're registered at?

    Cake looks yummy!

  3. great smile!!!!! it's a great feeling getting those off!!!

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