Saturday, March 2, 2013

Round' The Ranch

Ok, you see this horse? This horse is a 3 year old that T is supposed to be riding.... Well, he is a jerk and very rude.. so....
He needed a little attitude adjustment, see his leg tied up?

Yeah, when you pull on the rope and the halter just right.. well he falls down!
The theory behind all of this is that you lay them down and show them who is boss, they Should respect you a little better.

But just in case.. they threw a tarp over him and let him lay for a bit.
Personally I think this technique works, I've done it before to some young horses I was ridding and their attitudes completely changed. I don't know if it helped this horse, I'll guess we will find out tomorrow! Plus, the technique reminds me of something that was done in the old days.
There, that's better. (I like messing around with my photo editor)


  1. I like those pictures!! (I can already hear the 'horse whispers' crying at this cowboy technique. ) Haha. J has done this too.

  2. Like the pictures! Maybe if It wasn't too much trouble I would like one for my wall....Hint hint. I don't any pic's of T. working now and would really like some...hint hint. :)

    Yes I think it does work on some stubborn horses. B. has done it before....many many moons ago when he used to ride young horses and way before the horse whispering thing came into vogue.

    Sometimes the old timey ways are the best.

    Hope yall had a great weekend. Just got home from "Not" hauling cows at Pampa..yes one of those days.

    But it is all good and Yall have 2 new calves!

    Love to all

  3. Yep, we've done this before, and I'll agree it works some wonders!
    Love the pictures!