Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Typical Wednesday

Not a whole lot is going on here today... It's just another typical Wednesday.

K and I are over at my folks helping my dad pack for their latest show. They are headed to Missouri for the last show of the year... finally! My dad's business has really taken off this year, and every time they go to a show, I'm here holding down the fort. I don't mind that much, it's kinda fun running things by yourself.

Still no word from my hubby, they are out on the wagon at the 06 this week so it's been kind of lonely at my house. Hope he's having fun though.

I guess I'll share some pictures now because I don't know what else to write about.

We were being a little goober 
He was grumpy here.... 

Bath time!! The flash scared him, hence the face.  

Sitting up like a big boy.  

 This has been our new favorite face to make.

He was very mad at me the day I took this picture, so I just left him to scream to himself. When I came back, he was asleep... 

 Big boy cup!
Watching a movie with daddy. Doesn't daddy looked thrilled?
Speaking of daddy, the other morning I didn't feel like getting up when K did, so his daddy came and got him. Well it's customary to change his diaper first thing when he gets up so I tell K's daddy that. About 2 minutes later, here comes daddy, with leather gloves on and frown, asking if I will come change the stinky nasty diaper. I stayed in bed.... So in the end, T FINALLY changed a stinky nasty diaper! Score! Haha :P
I wish I had some pictures of K's little teeth, but they are not big enough to see really good.
Well, I suppose I better go do something productive...


  1. Love the first picture!! And all his expressions in the rest!!!
    He looks so big!

    T might not be so grouchy looking if he'd invest in a better recliner, that thing has made the rounds and deserves to be retired. ;)
    And good for you, making him change a diaper! It doesn't hurt him one bit to do it! They can do all sorts of other nasty things, like pull dead calves out of cows, etc. Changing a babies little ole dirty diaper shouldn't be that big of a deal!

    1. I know! I have told T the same thing and he said he can handle all the other nasty stuff... And yes he does need a new recliner.. It's on the list! Oh and I received your emails finally! Lol!

  2. That little guy is getting so big, love his expressions, becoming a little boy now, instead of a baby!

    Whoo hoo for getting T in on diaper duty, that's funny he came in with gloves on!! I agree with Jenn, they do plenty of nasty stuff, why is a little ole dirty diaper that big of a deal. Although, D never really gripped about doing it, though he will be sure I know how stinky it was... ;)

  3. Awww, He is so cute. I love the first picture :)

  4. Too cute! My goodness he is growing like a bad weed. Love the lip poked out pic. As for his daddy....A man that won't change a diaper is just a whimp. His daddy changed his share of them and Jen is right of all the nasty things that they do what is the big deal with a diaper?

    Love you all