Friday, February 11, 2011

T G I Friday!!!

In case you didn't know it... It's Friday!!!!

I am excited for many reasons on this Friday afternoon.. One being that the west coast travelers are on their way home! They sold 14 tools and 2 compressors. 14 tools!! They went up there with 15 and I told them couldn't come home unless they sold them all. They were pretty darn close though. Now it's just the long two day journey home ahead of them! That is one of the reasons I was glad I didn't go. Last year we spent the night in the truck...

Reason #2 why I'm glad it's Friday! After this weekend it's Valentines Day! Yay! If all goes well I'm supposed to have a date with this cute cowboy (Aka my fiancée) we're thinking dinner and a movie.. Or we might have to visit the Marfa lights. But we did that last year so we shall see. I received a phone call this morning from my cowboy saying he didn't think he would be able to come in, but that doesn't stop me from being excited! The ranch is still having trouble with busted water pipes I guess.

Reason # 3: I have a practice on Sunday for a horse show that I'm going to at the end of the month. I'm going with some friends up to ft. Stockton to work on my patterns. The show is a SHOT/ASHA show in Stepehenville Texas and consists of four parts: reining, trail, ranch pleasure, and working cow horse. We have rented the indoor arena in Stockton all day on Sunday so we can perfect everything. I'm so excited! It's time to redeem myself after the show in Amarillo. I'm planning on taking my cowboys horse up there because my mare is turned out to pasture And it would take forever to get her in shape. I think Curly will do great though!

I think that's about it for why I'm glad it's Friday and I should say that this post is the result of too much caffeine! In other words I'm hyper!


  1. Well... if it makes ya feel any better, my cowboy has to work all weekend too. In fact, he isn't even home yet. ;)

  2. I am glad it's Friday too, but not so much becase it has brought havelina hunters. And that has D being gone ALL day long guiding them.
    I'm sure he wished it hadn't come, he'd rather be patching water leaks about the ranch, it'd be less of a headache.

  3. Hope you got to go out. Yuck on water lines. We are almost out of water here at the house.....again. But B.can't work on it till they get through shipping steers~sigh~.


  4. Ah, water and ranchers... Going through the same hassle right now. Yuck. Here's hoping y'all have a good date!