Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Morning

It's Thursday morning and I'm finding it very hard to get myself up and ready for class. It has only been a week and I can already feel college wearing me out. I guess I shouldn't complain..,

On a higher note, My fiancees sister came down this past weekend. She is leaving for Europe pretty soon weeks and she wanted to come and take some engagement pictures for us. Saturday morning I got up early and made my way out to the ranch to "pick up" the house. It wasn't as bad this time as it has been before! No old milk left setting in a cereal bowl for three days! That was rather disgusting if you ask me..

The past couple of times I have gone out to the ranch I have been working on the garden.

Those are not very good pictures.. I took them with my phone. It is actually a very large garden, but there are just so many weeds in it. I spent at least two hours piling them all in the middle for my fiancee to burn and I didn't even get them all. I told him that I would plant him a garden, but he will have to water it so we will see how that goes..

He is also fixing up the floor bed by the front door!
Hopefully the dogs won't get into it.

When my fiancees sister came down, she also brought this little guy!
Isn't he just adorable! His name "Diablo" suites him just right! Yesterday when I went out there I was folding sheets when a wash cloth dropped on the floor. He snatched it up and ran off with it and he wouldn't give it back! He is going to be a hand full that's for sure!

So I bet your wondering about those engagement pictures I mentioned earlier! I have picked out a few that I like because I can't really put all of them on here.

 I like this one because he is smiling for real. It was so hard to get him to smile.. I was actually tickling him in the picture!

This is my favorite, even though he looks cold, which it was!

As soon as I get the cd with all of them on there I think we are going to pick a nice one and put it in the paper! (Ssshh don't tell him that thought)


  1. That puppy is the cutest thing ever! Love the pictures, I saw the on S. Facebook page

  2. It'll look so pretty with some flowers! and the garden will be fun! The dogs might be a problem, but maybe they won't be diggers.

    And I'm working on that cd, so hopefully it'll be in the mail within a couple days or so.

  3. Yay! for flowers and a garden... good luck with T tending to things for ya. ;)

    Diablo is a cutie!

    She did a great job on pictures, and I figured that T would be a bit hard to get to "enjoy" them, but looks like they turned out good, and he cooperated a little. ;)

  4. OK here is some information for you....He loves to garden...yikes! Don't tell him I told his deep dark secret. When he was little he had to have his own garden just his, and he did the 4-H garden project every year till of course he got just way to cool. He is a complex little fella for sure. Oh and he loves a pretty yard. Just sharing some info I thought you might like to know...:) He has farmer roots on my side. He does not claim them...but they run deep, he just needs to accept it and go on with life.
    Oh I love the pictures, it is nice to see him smile...he hids them very well..:)

  5. I can't wait to see what it looks like after all your work this summer! :)

  6. I love your blog. You are the cutest. It's nice to know I'm not the rancher woman out there :)