Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today I would like to remember my great grandmother Mary Stovell. She passed away late Sunday night. She was 97.

January 7th, 1913 - December 12th 2010

For the past several months, since February I believe, my grandma has been bed ridden from numerous health problems. At times she would be really sick and at others she wouldn't. It just went back forth, day to day. We are thankful that she went peacefully, and we hope and pray that she is walking with the Lord today.

If you think about it, people shouldn't be sad at funerals if we know where that person is going. If we are, we are feeling sorry for ourselves. It should be a joyous occasion because we are remembering and celebrating that person's life. All the while knowing that someday, hopefully, we will get to join them.

I don't really remember my grandma Mary as a child. She lived here in Alpine most of her life I believe, which, back then was 900 miles away. Frequent phone calls and cards were the extent of our relationship with her. We did get to see her once a year a Christmas every year however. Every year, she would play a game with us, saying that everyone would get some money, based on how they behaved that year. O and I can't forget that every year she would tell someone that they had "gained a little weight." In other words she said we were fat. Luckily, she never told me that, mostly my dad and my grandpa and one time my mom!

From what I understand she lived a full life. She was a teacher in hereAlpine for almost 50 years! That's amazing! We will certainly miss her! We love you Grandma Mary!


  1. Sorry to hear this. It is always so sad, and you just miss someone horribly when they aren't here with us anymore.

    You said we shouldn't be sad at funerals, and it made me think of what my Me-Ma has once told us. She said, we all do this backwards, we should mourn a birth to this Earth and rejoice a death, as long as we know that the person is to walk by Jesus.
    And it really makes you think about it all. Maybe we shouldn't mourn a birth, but we should be happy to raise this child in God's ways, and love. And then when they do pass, we all would know where they were going, and rejoice for them.

  2. So sorry, give my love to your family.